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How to easily create blogger and how to earn from blogger?

Hello, friends today I am going to show you how to easily create blogger free and which one is the best site to create blogger.
So first we talk about how to create blogger and what type of content should you provide in blogger?
There are five simple steps to create blogger.

First One: You must follow the term and condition of blogger because if you could not follow the term and condition of blogger, you could not get approval for ad sense (About adsense we talk later)
Example: You blogger must be written in the clear language you could not create or write any violence word that may harm any community you do not Write the bad thing or violence things in you blogger suchlike don’t write the bad word about the cast, religious, color and may other things that harm any community.

Second Step: Does not provide any type of nudity images or any type of copyright text or coped contain. Keep only original content, not copyright.
Example: Some time many people try the shortcut way but this is wrong because coped contain does not approve by google ad sense or if you provide any nudity or pornography image it also rejected by adsense.

Third Step: Make you blogger fresh and friendly.
Example: Make or choose always simple and good look theme don’t  make your blog show mush dirty by adding some extra images or some extra design always use the simple and clear template or simple theme. Don’t make mistake in sentence writing.

Fourth Step: Make a large amount of post or article your blog must be full of 15000 article so you can get very easily approval by ad sense.

Fifth Step: You must add the page like contact us and about me because this to page show you detail about you and your blogger.

Can I Make Money From My Blogger?


You can make money form you blogger but how so let’s talk how to make money from blogger?
The main source of blogger income one of them is an ad network.

There are many ad networks that provide ads to you blogger such like adsense ,, Infolinks, and many other.

How to add my Blogger or website to ad network?

You can apply to ad sense and if you blogger qualified then you can see the ads on your site and you can make money by showing ads to you blogger or website.

How to apply in adsense?

Create a website or blogger with 15000 article and 100 of post make your website look simple and better then add some useful article and add some current events.

Add some user-friendly image that makes you blogger simple and better. When you complete the process go to?


Click on (Earning)

Click On (Switch on adsense account)

Click On sign in

And follow the instruction given by adsense.

When you complete the procedure you get the reply mail within 48 hours

This mail shows you that you blogger or website is approved or not if it's approved you can see ads on you the blogger and you can start earning by using blogger or website.
Some of the best ad network site that pays you in home such as

Ad sense


There are few good steps to start your first blogger and start earning from your home.
.       Share your story: Blog allows you to share your story .story about your story about your friends and family you can share a story of your travel expressions and also write some story of your journey. You can use blogger as a diary of your life share your joy and also share some bad experience in your life.
.       Share your idea and business: Blogger is a great platform to share your idea to other people and is also play the great role in business spreading. New idea makes your blogger more popular.
.       Follow the comment and create community: Always follow the comment, its help you to find the people how  are interested in you blogger and you also know more about what type of people or community are interested in your blogger and what they want to always keep eyes on comment and try to create the community of your blogger.
.       Make money to your home: Blogger is the great platform for those how love to work from home. Blogger pays you the huge amount of money and career opportunity. If your blogger became more popular then you can make more money than any job you can make blogger full-time job.

How to Make Blogger Popular?

5 Simple Step To Make Your Blogger Popular.
  1.       More and useful contain
  2.       Fresh and interesting topic
  3.       Community useful article and benefited contain
  4.       User-friendly contain
  5.       Be updated for your topic

Learn how to start blogger?
       1.       Choose perfect blogger name
      2.       Publish your blogger online
      3.       Design your blogger by use layout and custom theme
      4.       Write you blogger topic and post your first topic
      5.       Promote your blogger
      6.       Link you Blogger with ad network and make money

    1.       Choose perfect blogger name: Always choose that type of name that shows your blogger details or people understand that what type of blogger is this choice and perfect blogger name is the most important matter to create a blogger.
   2.       Publish your Blogger online: Make your blogger online share your idea or feeling online use your blogger as a diary of your life publish your blogger online to make your feeling live that world recognition you.
    3.       Design your blogger by use layout and custom theme: Design your blogger as you like but make sure that your blogger looks fresh and simple that people understand everything.  Make Your blogger simple with the custom theme and add or topics like a popular post, recent post, and many other things with the help of layout.
   4.       Write you blogger topic and post your first topic: Write topic about your blogger add the description about our blogger. Write something about yourself and also about your blogger and post and live your idea.
   5.       Promote your blogger: Promote your blogger by adding your blogger to ad word. Ad word promotes your blogger with few amount or yearly plan.
   6.       Link you Blogger with ad network and make money: Your blogger can earn huge amount of money just add your blogger to any ad network they provide ads on your blogger and pay you very well.

Google Ad sense

What is Google Adsense?

Google ad sense is an ad networking company it provides ads on your blogger or website and pays you money but it depends on click and views.
More views make more earning or more click make more money by your blogger

How to link google ad sense to blogger?

When you complete your blogger post and design than go to earning (left side in your blogger)
Then go to or click (switch to ad sense account)
         1.       Select language

         2.       Provide your blogger name
         3.       Provide your detail information

         4.       Sign in to ad sense account

How much time ad senses take to approve a blogger?

Ad sense usually takes time up to 24 to 48 hour but in some case it takes time bit longer.
Approval of ad sense is also depend on country and your post in cases like India or other country it takes more than 3 to 6 month for new blogger some time its take time for insufficient contain or post.  

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