Change Simple Background Effect

This one is created on photoshop.

Learn how to use photoshop and their effect and how  to simply change the background and how to simply add effect in photoshop.

First step: Select or download images ( all images links are given below you can download same images or you can download other images as you like ) and be sure that all images are fit in your artwork and look good or provide you work good look.

Second step:Cut out all images for the original image for images cutting or selection you can use pen tool or quick selection tool and don't use lasso tool because lasso could not select carve area perfectly.

Third step: Place all image in perfect area because perfect placement gives your work professional look.

Final step:Adjust color tone you can use new fill layer adjustment or camera raw filter or nik collection is part is very important because color make you work professional and provide very good look.

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Stock Image

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