Nova Smoke Dispersion Effect

Nova smoke dispersion effect is created on photoshop by just use smoke brush and filter.
How to give smoke dispersion effect in photoshop?

First step: Select a  perfect image because image selection is very important in photoshop perfect image gives you work perfect look or you can say that perfect image gives profession look to you work.

Second step: Select the image by use quick selection tool or pen tool or lasso tool or any other selection option and make sure that your selection is perfect or not.

Third Step: Make duplicate you original image and select one of them than open it in filter – liquify and make some stratch to you image after stratching press ok.

Forth Step:This is the last and very important step in this effect take a brush or smoke brush than add mask or layer mask than erase it your image after visible you image by use smoke brush the effect is visible and you work became complete
Layer Mask (Black Forground color ( erase )White Forground Color (Visible )
After complete you work go to color adjustment by using camra raw filter or plugins like nik collection or many other color tone adjustment.

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