Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies in Hindi 2018

Top 10 Best Hollywood Hindi Movies 2018. Movie You Missed In 2018

From acclaimed director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) and co-writer Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) comes a blistering, contemporary crime thriller with a powerful ensemble cast!
Genres Drama
Director Steve McQueen

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9.The Darkest Minds
mprisoned by an adult world that now fears everyone under 18, a group of teens form a resistance group to fight back and reclaim control of their future.
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8.Mortal Engines
Peter Jackson presents a world unlike any you've seen. A young woman leads a band of outcasts to stop London, a predator city on wheels, from devouring everything in its path.
Genres Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Director Christian Rivers
Starring Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar, Robert Sheehan
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7.The Predator
In Shane Black's explosive reinvention, the Predator is deadlier than ever, and only a ragtag crew can prevent the end of the human race.
Genres Science Fiction
Director Shane Black
Starring Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay
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6.Escape Plan 2
Years after he fought his way out of prison, Ray Breslin must return to the hell he once escaped from to save his friend from the prison's brutal human battleground, known as Hades
Genres Action
Director Steven C. Miller
Starring Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, Jamie King
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5.Red Sparrow
Jennifer Lawrence is Dominika, a former ballerina forced to join Sparrow School, a secret government program that transforms her into an agent who can manipulate, seduce and kill.
Genres Suspense
Director Francis Lawrence
Starring Jennifer Lawrence

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4.A Quiet Place
In this terrifyingly suspenseful thriller, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Hailed by critics and audiences around the world, experience the must-see movie of the year.
Genres Horror, Suspense
Director John Krasinski
Starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
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Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, with his family trapped inside.
Genres Action
Director Rawson Marshall Thurber
Starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han
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2.The Meg
With time running out, rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) must save the crew of a deep-sea submersible from a colossal 75-foot-long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon.
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When a genetic experiment goes awry, it unleashes super creatures that rampage the city. Scientist Davis races to secure an antidote to try to save the ape that was once his friend.
Genres Action, Adventure
Director Brad Peyton
Starring Dwayne Johnson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Naomie Harris
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