Top 10 Best Movies Of Netflix 2019

Top 10 Best Movies Of Netflix 2019

10.Fractured ( Hindi )
After his wife and injured daughter disappear from an ER, a man conducts a panicked search and becomes convinced the hospital is hiding something.
Starring:Sam Worthington,Lily Rabe,Stephen Tobolowsky

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9.The King ( Hindi )
Wayward Prince Hal must turn from carouser to warrior king as he faces hostilities from inside and outside the castle walls in the battle for England.
Starring:Timothée Chalamet,Joel Edgerton,Robert Pattinson
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8.In The Tall Grass ( Hindi )
After hearing a boy's cry for help, a pregnant woman and her brother wade into a vast field of grass, only to discover there may be no way out.
Starring:Patrick Wilson,Laysla De Oliveira,Avery Whitted
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7.Shaft ( Hindi )
When the son he doesn't know comes to him for help, badass private eye John Shaft discovers his offspring is anything but a chip off the old block.
Starring:Samuel L. Jackson,Jessie T. Usher,Regina Hall
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6.Point Blank ( Hindi )
To save his pregnant wife, an emergency room nurse unwillingly partners with an injured murder suspect in a race against time and renegade cops.
Starring:Frank Grillo,Anthony Mackie,Marcia Gay Harden
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5.The Laundromat ( Hindi )
When a widow gets swindled out of insurance money, her search for answers leads to two cunning lawyers in Panama who hide cash for the superrich.
Starring:Meryl Streep,Gary Oldman,Antonio Banderas
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4.In The Shadow Of The Moon ( Hindi )
A Philadelphia detective slowly unravels as he nurses a lifelong obsession with an enigmatic female serial killer whose crimes defy explanation.
Starring:Boyd Holbrook,Michael C. Hall,Cleopatra Coleman
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3.Triple Frontier ( Hindi )
Loyalties are tested when five former special forces operatives reunite to steal a drug lord's fortune, unleashing a chain of unintended consequences.
Starring:Ben Affleck,Oscar Isaac,Charlie Hunnam
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2.The Irishman ( Hindi )
Hit man Frank Sheeran looks back at the secrets he kept as a loyal member of the Bufalino crime family in this acclaimed film from Martin Scorsese.
Starring:Robert De Niro,Al Pacino,Joe Pesci
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1.6 Underground ( Hindi )
After faking his death, a tech billionaire recruits a team of international operatives for a bold and bloody mission to take down a brutal dictator.
Starring:Ryan Reynolds,Mélanie Laurent,Corey Hawkins
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