Top 10 Best Chinese Fantasy Movies

Top 10 Best Chinese Fantasy Movies

10.The Great Detective

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9.Exceptionally Gifter Girl
Tian Feifan, who has extraordinary memory and can sense other peoples minds, was secretly attracted by entrepreneur Liu Shenyi, and he arranged it into the beauty company as his wife Wang Yaqin. Tian Feifan turned from a rookie in the industry to a fashion goddess with super powers. In the process of growing up, Tian Feifan completed many incredible tasks because of his extraordinary memory and his telepathic ability.
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8.White Snake

Inspired by one of the most ancient and enduring stories in Chinese history, White Snake presents a sumptuous tale of trickster demons, deadly mythical beasts, assassins, wuxia action, and the promise of eternal love.
Genres Anime, Animation, Science Fiction
Director Amp Wong, Ji Zhao
Starring Stephanie Sheh, Paul Yen
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7.The Knight Of Shadows
Pu Songling (Jackie Chan), a legendary demon hunter, is asked to investigate the mysterious disappearances of young girls from a small village. When he discovers evil forces are kidnapping the girls to feast on their souls, he sets out to save humanity from the inhuman invasion journeying through hidden worlds and colorful dimensions.
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6.The Great Battle

With epic scale and breathtaking action, The Great Battle tells the story of the Siege of Ansi, where Goguryeo forces held their fortress against 500,000 invading Tang soldiers in a battle that raged for eighty-eight days.
Genres Action, Drama
Director Kim Kwang-Sik
Starring Zo In-Sung, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Park Sung-Woong
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While strange rumors about their ill king grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.
Starring:Ju Ji-hoon,Ryu Seung-ryong,Bae Doona
Creators:Kim Eun-hee,Kim Seong-hun
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4.Shanghai Fortress
A young man falls for a heroic general and soon follows her footsteps as humans defend Earth against extraterrestrials seeking a precious energy source.
Starring:Lu Han,Shu Qi,Shi Liang
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3.The Iron Mask
The former musketeer Athos (John Malkovich) swears vengeance after despotic King Louis XIV (Leonardo DiCaprio) causes the death of his son. Summoning his old comrades Porthos (Gérard Depardieu) and Aramis (Jeremy Irons), he hatches a plan to liberate a shackled prisoner rumored to be the king's twin brother, and then install him on the throne. But the three musketeers must also contend with their old friend D'Artagnan (Gabriel Byrne), who has remained in the king's service.
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2.Ne Zha

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1.The Wandering Earth
A looming collision with Jupiter threatens Earth as humans search for a new star. The planet's fate now lies in the hands of a few unexpected heroes.
Starring:Wu Jing,Chuxiao Qu,Zhao Jinmai
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