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I am bapon and I love artwork and art. I love to work on Photoshop this is my hobbies or you can also say that it is my passion. I started work on Photoshop first time in 2012 not so professionally it’s just like play for me but now it becomes part of my life and also you can say that it’s a part of my work.
I think everyone expresses their feeling in a different way like singer express their feeling by singing poet express their feeling through poetry such like every one express his feeling with the different way and I express my feeling or imagination by making art or artwork.
I give a shape of my imagination or feeling through drawing I really love my work and my imagination.
Photoshop this my favorite software for photo editing when I started work on Photoshop I edit only my family photo or relative and friends photo. After some time or few years, I decided to give tutorial online because is also learn Photoshop online perfectly and I now may child or student are could not have sufficient transport especially for the girl in India and also economical backward those who could not prefer to learn in professional graphic design instituted.
                                                                            I grownup in a small village in India and I know what kind of problem are faced by village child they could not have good communication they could not have the better economy. Most of the village children could not complete their higher education because of one bad transport.
                                                                                                                  I could not help show much but it is my one step to give some education I also proved some hardware and give basic information about Microsoft office it is just a step for me and I love my work.
                          Today I work on Photoshop to make artwork and photo editing when I start manipulation in Photoshop I design my expression and my feel.

Photoshop is a software that you can make millions of photo and it is endless you can design millions of art and you can give shape millions of images. Photoshop work is helping you to may platform like movie poster design, magazine design, and much other different work or category.

Sometimes I feel that everyone have their imagination and they express their imagination in the different way like the singer when they feel sad their song became sad when they feel happy their song also became happy just like every artist expresses their feeling through their art every artist draw their feeling, imagination in white paper. I think travel in one of the best part of getting or generate a new idea of artwork and photography.

 When we go in different places or different country we see their culture and their activity and many other things. we see their life style and leaving style also dance and cutler and education so travel is one of the great parts of photography and artwork. The artwork is infinite and it is endless you can give a shape of anything like feeling, imagination and hope you can show you life biography through artwork. you can imagine the different world you can imagine different universe whatever you think you can just give shape through artwork.

  Love, war, hate all there are the part of your life and we all know that but some artist show their love through art show their war through art show their hate through art. artwork is a part of everyone life some time we see that a person cry in front of art or drawing but why because he feels the art and that art belong to his or her life maybe it’s a bad part of life or maybe its good part of life but I think every person has their story and every person have their artwork it may belong to her life like bad part of life or good part of life it’s may belong to love of life or very dark part of life.

So I think everyone should express their feelings may be a different way and different categories and I also think every person in this world have their own story just not a story very interesting story they can express through writing, telling the story, singing and many another way .

When I first started work on Photoshop  I did not know any thing and I could not have good institution in my village and but learn through online  and today I give my imagination as an artwork I love to do design and making scene and making some epic think and sometimes make some horrible thing and I think these are the imagination of my life some people hate my artwork and some people love my artwork because I think all person in this world have different chose and different opinion.
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  1. you are an artist man
    actually i try to simulate most if your vids
    i hope that u don't mind if i post my stimulated vids on social media and adope application

  2. Greetings!
    I would love it so much if you could set up way for us to subscribe to your posts. I don't know for certain how, as I use Word Press, but, each time you post a tutorial, your subscribers would get a notification.
    I wouldn't miss one, then! LOL It would either be a 'subscribe' feature, or, an 'e-mail notification of new posts'.
    Thank you for your consideration! I love your tutorials!!!

  3. thank you for the tutorial I like to learn


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