Alone Night Photo Manipulation

Alone night is created by me on photoshop it is also a part of my imagination i love to work in photoshop and its my hobbies so lets talk about photo manipulation and how to create in photoshop.

How to create Alone night photo manipulation?

First step: Selection of good image or attractive image because good quality image provide your work more excellence and attractive. People like your work if the selection of image is perfect so remember that when  you download image make sure that its look good and perfect for you artwork.
After choosing the image then make selection in photoshop by using pen tool or lasso tool or any other tools just cut the image perfectly after cutting the image take new page select page size I take 1280/720 then place it perfectly after placing the image take some background images and take surface image just remember that all image are place in perfect area and it does not look fake.
Second step: Take mask layer and use one ruins image mask layer gives small amount of fog effect or cloud effect but remember  set mask brush opacity 10% after mask the area go to new fill layer adjustment choose color balance and choose you own color or choose color you like to give in your artwork.
Third step: Change the color to dress. To change the color of dress you can choose much option but the easiest way is hue saturation adjustment, first select the area or dress you want to color than make duplicate by using (ctrl – c or ctrl - v) its mien copy or paste than go to new fill layer adjustment and select hue / saturation then adjust the color you want .You can give any color or you can take any color in hue / saturation it is very easy process to change color to anything in photoshop.
Forth step: Use new fill layer and clipping mask for change the color or adjust the color of specific layer by using new fill layer adjustment it is also important part of artwork because you must give different color or same color in different layer then use brush to make background lighter or brighter and use 10% grey color for darken the sky.
Fifth step: Fill 50% grey to you model  and use blending mode and select overly when you set the adjustment take dodge tool to give glossy look and give burn tool to make darker look this option give your image so professional look and remember you must provide shadow to you model because it give real look to you artwork for shadow you can use brush or you can duplicate the model image and flip into vertical than color into black go to filter and use blur to give realistic shadow effect.

Sixth Step: When you see that you complete all thing or all work ,there is nothing to change any think the merge  all layer into one layer press (shift + ctrl + alt + E ) to merge all layer into one than go to camera raw filter (camera raw filter it is inbuilt plug in its help you to adjust the color the color of your artwork camera raw filter is amazing option to change the color or change the bighting and contrast camera raw filter is very helpful for those how are in photography profession with the help of camera raw filter you can change specific color and adjust specific color ) or you can also take help from nik collection  ( Nik collection is also great plug in for photoshop you can download this software from nik site this software help you to adjust the color and contrast and many more adjustment nik give any image into professional it has readymade effect and color adjustment not need to use manual way to adjust color to and other color related adjustment there was so many effect and adjustment inside nik collection you can download for nik collection plug in and its free )When you complete the adjustment come back to layer than again click on  new fill layer adjustment and select photo filter set it into 20% your image look professional and so good. Hope you understand all thing and all stock images link are given below so you can download and try it your own way.

Stock Images

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