Fantasy Rain Effect Photo Manipulation

Photoshop manipulation or artwork both are depending on your creativity and you imagination I think that an artwork always draw their feeling and ideas or imagination. I also make this color full fantasy manipulation with heavy rainfall and boy holding a guitar and light change his body color or dress color.
Let’s talk how to make this type of manipulation or artwork in photoshop.
In photoshop the very important  thing in selection image if you select good image you artwork looks good so image selection is very important other thing is color sense it is also a great part of photoshop because color give the looks and impression.
So first you select the image of boy or girl than cut it or select it by using pen tool or lasso tool or mask selection after selection you place it where you want to place remember the placement is perfect otherwise the image look fake than take background it is also important part because background give you the original placement of image so carefully place the background image. After the adjust the background color and foreground color or model color because to different color of images make fake image it look like fake image so make all most same color by using new fill layer adjustment after that give some color effect like pink light and cyan light so how to give this effect use brush then take blank layer and click on blank layer after that use blending mode into soft light mode its give amazing background light effect.
After that give some rainfall effect by using rain brush (description give below) rain brush give you the perfect look of you image or rainfall image remember rainfall brush adjustment is also very important so adjust the brush very carefully after that give some water splash effect (water description give below) it convert image in real look and give amazing rainfall and water splash effect and remember that you must provide some water splash in model body or guitar because rainfall make some splash and splash in body is very important.
After that you change the color of body or dress of model that takes blank layer and set blend mode in overly and make sure it is in clipping mask mode then start draw color right side make cyan and left side make pink and also make some adjustment in opacity and layer after that same procedure we apply in rainfall because rain color is also change in different light so change the color of rain into pink and cyan.
Then again   use new fill layer adjustment to adjust the color and light and remember one more thing take a blank layer upper on model layer than go to edit and select fill and grey 50% and use blending mode in overlay and also use clipping mask layer after that use burn tool and dodge tool to make more glossy and wonder full it is very important part in photoshop so don’t forget the step. Then again go to new fill layer adjustment and select color balance and adjust the color you want or you give the color after that conform all work has been down or not if you  miss any step so do again, when you conform that all step are complete then press (shift + ctrl+ alt+ E )it merge all layer in one layer the again go to photo filter and make orange into 25% it give you the demonic look or orange color look or if you don’t like orange then select any color  of list but remember color value is between 20% to 30%.
How to give glossy color or professional color in photoshop?
So in photoshop camera raw filter in great option for color adjustment camera raw filter is very useful in photography and other photoshop work you can get everything about color adjustment and also give great look to you work you can get selective color or complete color adjustment you can adjust specific color or change specific color through camera raw filter. With the help of camera raw filter you can change every color specifically like if you want to change red you can change it so camera raw adjustment is very important in photoshop artwork and photography. When you complete the adjustment of camera raw filter then press ok and come out form camera raw filter. The other color adjustment tool is nik collocation it has so many readymade color adjustment or you can say that so many color combination just select the effect and your image change in that effect no need to manual adjustment it is also great software for photoshop and its free you can download from google nik collocation. After that when you complete the adjustment of nik than press ok its render few time and provide the effect you image is complete change and look like amazing.

Hope you understand the complete conversation if you don’t please click on video link and all image and brush link are given in below so thank you.  

Stock Image

Brush Credit

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